Here at Grumpy-Frog headquarters we aim to make keeping fit a bit more fun by encouraging trying an alternative activity while learning a new skill to impress your friends.

Flow toys are great at festivals and you will be surprised how they help with toning up muscles and burn up an incredible amount of fat  helping  you loose calories  with not much effort but huge amount of fun!

“The 10-minute workout that rolled away my spare tyre in six weeks: Think hula hoops are toys? They could change your life…”

  • Kelly Osbourne and Beyonce credit hula hopping for their fantastic figures
  • Femail’s Jenny Wood tried it to help banish her baby weight
  • She lost 5lb and got a flatter, toned stomach


Schools all around the UK have in introduced hula hoops and diabolos as part of they play and PE classes!

Go impress your friends by learning a new skill today!









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My First Hoop

My First Hoop