Juggle-Light ProLine Fibre Optic Hula Hoop


Juggle Light Fibre optic hoops differ from most LED hoops in that their optic fibre core diffuses a solid light throughout the whole hoop. This gives a very different (dare we say better? No just different) effect to hoops using individual LEDs at fixed intervals.

TheĀ  Juggle-Light Fibre optic hoops differ from most LED hoops in that their optic
Navigating the functions on the ProLine Hoop is done in exactly the same way as the ‘Multi light’ hoops but the functions button is mounted flush in the wall of the hoop and can be accessed from outside with a firm press. The ProLine Unit carries 3 banks of lights/patterns (known as A, B & C). Please note that each set comes with instructions and becomes intuitive after a little getting use to.

Bank A – 7 solid colours – Press the Unit Button once to change colour.

Bank B – …whilst on RED in Bank A – double tap the Unit Button. Bank B offers various patterns changing colours and accelerating in speed. Tap once to freeze the speed and once again to continue. Double Press the Unit Button to get to the next Pattern.

Bank C …whilst on ORANGE in Bank A, double tap the Unit Button. Here you’ll find 4 patterns with 2 colours exchanging tracer lengths. Press once to freeze, once again to resume. Double Tap to get to the next pattern. You’ll then find 3 further 2 colour patterns, a Fade Function and some pretty wild alternating colours which you can freeze on by pressing the Unit Button once. Have a look at the image below to get a good idea of these functions.

Colour chart
The rechargeable AA batteries supplied with the hoop give around 1 hour of glow time each. Each hoop comes with 3 batteries and a charger so it’s fairly easy to swap them over when one is exhausted. The charger allows up to two batteries to be charged at once and charging takes about three hours. Please note that this charger fits US plugs so you’ll need a converter.

Please also note that this hoop is not powered by normal AA batteries. Normal AA batteries do not have enough power to light this hoop. Each Juggle Light Proline hoop is powered by a 3.7V, AA li-ion rechargeable battery (3 supplied with charger).

WARNING! Do NOT charge this battery in a non li-ion charger, it may start a fire. Do NOT use the hoop battery in devices that use normal AA batteries, you may damage your device!

Hula Hoop measurements:
Thickness – 20mm
Diameter – 95cm
Weight- 360g (inc.battery)

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